The Shabbat Birkon (Package of 10 books)


This soft-cover booklet with spiral binding under a wrap-around cover (see gallery images) features all the standard material for your Shabbat table, including the pre-Kiddush songs (e.g., Shalom Aleichem), Kiddush and HaMotzi, Havdalah, Shabbat songs, popular piyutim, classic song, and Birkat HaMazon. You can view the full Table of Contents in the gallery image.

Orders must be for a 10-book minimum. With this purchase, you are receiving 10 of the same birkonim (i.e., orders must be in multiples of 10).

How it works:
1. You provide a cover design or choose one from our gallery.
2. Provide the information for the cover (e.g., The Wedding of Samuel and Deborah…)
3. Choose a nusach (Ashkenazi, Edot HaMizrach, Moroccan Sephardic)

And leave the rest to us! We will consult with you before finalizing the book.

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Additional information

Weight 2.5 kg
Dimensions 14 × 13 × 1 cm

Ashkenaz, Moroccan Sephardic, Edut HaMizrach Sephardic


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