Tishah BeAv Siddur Rachel Mevakah

Abecassis Edition

On the Derekh’s latest publication is a prayer book for the Jewish national day of mourning, Tishah BeAv. In today’s age, a large number of Sephardic Jews find it challenging to relate to Tishah BeAv in concept and practice. As we solemnly sing kinot throughout the day, many of us lack a deep understanding of their poetic structures and meaningful lessons. Considering the significance of this gap, and the fact that it has not been filled by any other siddur in the greater Sephardic community, many rabbis encouraged me to prioritize this project. We hope that Siddur Rachel Mevakah will fill the void and bring some light to this dark day.

This Tishah BeAv prayer book is for all Sepharadim. The prayers follows the Moroccan Sephardic tradition with the inclusion of Edot HaMizrach customs (where they differ). All Hebrew prayer services of Tishah BeAv are included — Arvit, Shacharit, Minchah, and Motzaé Tishah BeAv. The structure and style of the book follows Siddur Tefillat Shemuel — Benmergui Edition and features English instructions, translation of all the prayers and kinot (all 138 of them!), commentary, halakhot (Laws & Customs sections), and sources on the margins.

The Tishah BeAv siddur is called “Rachel Mevakah” in memory of Raquel Abecassis Kassin.


On The Derekh is a Jewish organization dedicated to the preservation, enrichment, and continuity of Moroccan Sephardic heritage.

Our Unique Heritage

The heritage of Moroccan Jewry is unique within the Sephardic world; a culture rich in Torah and tradition spanning over a thousand years. Each geographic region within Morocco, from Tangiers to Marrakesh, developed its own approach to our hallowed customs, prayer rituals, and melodies.

A Legacy in Peril

As the Moroccan Jewish communities emigrated over the last seventy years, they’ve experienced great prosperity in the western world. Most replanted Israel, France, and the Americas. While these communities have remained steadfast in preserving the ancient Jewish traditions of Morocco, the generation that transported and maintained it is shrinking. The melting pot influence of the West has presented significant challenges to the communities abroad who are attempting to uphold this legacy. As the years pass, we become further removed from the authentic tradition. It is incumbent upon us to harness the tools available to us and take on the challenge of preserving and enriching our beloved heritage.

A Preservation Project

Our primary objective is to develop Hebrew/English siddurim and machzorim inclusive of the various traditions practiced throughout Morocco. These prayer books will include English instructions, prayers laws, commentary, and translation (in most editions). An additional emphasis was placed on developing the most elegant and user-friendly prayer books on the market. We hope these prayer books will be an important resource for the Moroccan Sephardic community to become educated, inspired, and committed to preserving and enriching our cherished heritage.


We are proud to announce that our books have received an endorsement by the former Chief Sephardic Rabbi of Israel, Rabbi Shlomo Amar, shlit’a.