We are enthusiastic about offering sponsorship opportunities to the generous individuals who are enthusiastic about our vision. As an organization dedicated to serving the Moroccan Sephardic community by preserving and enriching our cherished heritage, we are depending on you to support our projects so we can collaborate in transmitting our traditions to the next generation.

The essential resources we are developing require your help. Each siddur or machzor requires an immense amount of work from various professionals to reach a final product. Each project takes several years to produce from concept to delivery.

We offer various levels of sponsorship:
Gold Sponsorship – The name of the edition (i.e., The Benmergui Edition) on the front cover and inside cover dedication
Silver Sponsorship – A section (i.e., a prayer service) with a dedication adjacent to the section cover page
Bronze Sponsorship – A third- or quarter-page dedication at the back of the book
General Sponsorship – Any donation is appreciated. Donations over $100 receive a free copy of the book.

Each project is unique making the schedule of sponsorship opportunities within this structure variable. Sponsorship pricing is available upon request.

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